Senior Championship - By Year

SeasonCompetition StageClub NameClub Name
2022Group Stage 1Rathcline 2-14Killoe Young Emmets 0-17
Group Stage 2Colmcille 0-14Killoe Young Emmets 2-7
Group Stage 3Killoe Young Emmets 2-11Carrickedmond 0-6
Group Stage 4Killoe Young Emmets 0-11Abbeylara 0-11
Group Stage 5Killoe Young Emmets 1-13Clonguish 2-6
Quarter FinalDromard 3-7Killoe Young Emmets 0-11
2021Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 3-15Fr. Manning Gaels 0-7
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 0-11Longford Slashers 0-9
Group Stage 3Killoe Young Emmets 2-10Colmcille 1-13
Group Stage 4Killoe Young Emmets 2-18Carrickedmond 1-9
Group Stage 5Mostrim 2-10Killoe Young Emmets 0-10
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-11Abbeylara 0-14
Semi FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 2-7Killoe Young Emmets 0-7
2020Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 0-14Clonguish 0-9
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 2-9Mostrim 0-14
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-13St. Marys Granard 1-8
Semi Final (2021)Killoe Young Emmets 1-20Mostrim 1-6
County Final (2021)Killoe Young Emmets 0-13Longford Slashers 1-8
2019Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 1-13Carrickedmond 0-9
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 0-14Mostrim 1-11
Group Stage 3Killoe Young Emmets 1-12Abbeylara 0-12
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-13Dromard 1-10
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-10Colmcille 0-11
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-12Longford Slashers 0-11
Leinster Round 1 Garrycastle (Westmeath) 0-15Killoe Young Emmets 0-6
2018Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 0-15Longford Slashers 0-11
Group Stage 2Dromard 1-10Killoe Young Emmets 0-12
Quarter FinalAbbeylara 1-11Killoe Young Emmets 1-8
2017Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 2-19Dromard 2-14
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 1-14Longford Slashers 2-11
Group Stage 3Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 3-10Killoe Young Emmets 0-13
Quarter FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 2-8Killoe Young Emmets 0-14
Quarter Final ReplayMullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-12Killoe Young Emmets 0-8
2016Group Stage 1Clonguish 0-21Killoe Young Emmets 1-14
Group Stage 2Longford Slashers 1-10Killoe Young Emmets 0-12
Group Stage 3Killoe Young Emmets 2-8Granard 0-12
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-15Longford Slashers 1-9
Semi FinalMullinalaghta St. Columbas 2-12Killoe Young Emmets 1-10
2015Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 1-15Mostrim 0-6
Group Stage 2Longford Slashers 2-8Killoe Young Emmets 0-11
Group Stage 3Dromard 1-9Killoe Young Emmets 0-11
Group PlayoffKilloe Young Emmets 4-16Ballymahon 2-9
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-10Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 2-7
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-11Dromard 0-10
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-14Abbeylara 1-11
Leinster Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 5-11St. James' (Wexford) 1-4
Leinster Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11Navan O'Mahony's (Meath) 1-6
Leinster Semi FinalPortlaoise (Laois) 5-12Killoe Young Emmets 0-11
2014Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 2-16Mostrim 0-7
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 5-13St. Marys Granard 1-12
Group Stage 3Killoe Young Emmets 2-16Ballymahon 1-9
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11Longford Slashers 1-4
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-18Dromard 2-15
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-11Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 0-10
Leinster Round 1Garrycastle (Westmeath) 1-11Killoe Young Emmets 1-10
2013Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 1-15Longford Slashers 1-9
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 1-14Clonguish 2-11
Group Stage 3Killoe Young Emmets 2-14Ballymahon 0-12
Quarter FinalLongford Slashers 0-13Killoe Young Emmets 0-10
2012Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 2-7Ballymahon 0-6
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 4-17Seán Connollys 0-4
Group Stage 3Killoe Young Emmets 2-12Mostrim 0-8
Group Stage 4Killoe Young Emmets 2-17Abbeylara 1-9
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-8Abbeylara 2-5
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-13Dromard 0-13
ReplayKilloe Young Emmets 2-7Dromard 1-8
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-7Longford Slashers 0-7
ReplayKilloe Young Emmets 0-15Longford Slashers 0-12
Leinster Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 2-7St. Annes (Wexford) 2-4
Leinster Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-13Navan O'Mahonys (Meath) 0-8
Leinster Semi FinalPortlaoise (Laois) 1-11Killoe Young Emmets 2-5
2011Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 0-13          Mostrim 2-4
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 2-13          St. Marys Granard 1-4
Group Stage 3Seán Connolly’s 0-12          Killoe Young Emmets 1-6
Quarter Final Killoe Young Emmets 1-9             Colmcille 0-12
Replay            Colmcille 0-13   Killoe Young Emmets 1-9
2010Group Stage 1Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 1-12Killoe Young Emmets 0-9
Group Stage 2Killoe Young Emmets 1-8Clonguish 0-9
Group Stage 3Killoe Young Emmets 2-18Ardagh St. Patricks 0-7
Quarter FinalMostrim 1-10Killoe Young Emmets 0-12
2009Group Stage 1Killoe Young Emmets 1-12St. Marys Granard 0-8
Group Stage 2Clonguish 2-10Killoe Young Emmets 2-9
Quarter FinalDromard 3-8      Killoe Young Emmets 2-6
2008First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 2-9Ardagh St. Patricks 0-7
Second RoundKilloe Young Emmets 2-6Longford Slashers 1-7
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-7Mostrim 0-9      
Semi FinalColmcille 1-6Killoe Young Emmets 0-8
2007First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-10          Abbeylara 0-5
Second RoundKilloe Young Emmets 2-14          Mostrim 0-8
Quarter FinalDromard 1-10    Killoe Young Emmets 0-8
2006First RoundLongford Slashers 1-12Killoe Young Emmets 0-7
Qualifier 1 Killoe Young Emmets 1-14Carrickedmond 1-6
Qualifier 2    Killoe Young Emmets 3-6Granard 1-10
Quarter FinalAbbeylara 3-9Killoe Young Emmets 1-13     
2005First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-8Colmcille 0-11
Replay            Killoe Young Emmets 0-9Colmcille 1-4
Qualifier 1Ballymahon 1-7Killoe Young Emmets 1-6
Qualifier 2     Fr Manning Gaels 1-11Killoe Young Emmets 1-10
2004First RoundColmcille 2-6Killoe Young Emmets 0-11
Qualifier 1Longford Slashers 1-11Killoe Young Emmets 0-5
2003First RoundCashel 2-7Killoe Young Emmets 0-12
Qualifier 1Killoe Young Emmets 2-10Mullinalaghta St. Columbas 0-10
Qualifier 2Killoe Young Emmets 1-13Seán Connollys 0-14
Quarter Final  Killoe Young Emmets 3-9Cashel 2-8
Semi Final      Ballymahon 0-12Killoe Young Emmets 1-8
2002First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-9Mostrim 0-12
Replay         Killoe Young Emmets 1-9Mostrim 0-5
Quarter FinalClonguish 2-10Killoe Young Emmets 2-8
2001First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 2-12 Ardagh St. Patricks 1-3
Quarter FinalAbbeylara 3-6 Killoe Young Emmets 3-3
2000First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-10 Seán Connollys 2-4
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-10 Dromard 1-6
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-7 Abbeylara 1-7
ReplayAbbeylara 1-8 Killoe Young Emmets 0-6
1999First RoundRathcline 2-13Killoe Young Emmets 0-11
1998First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-9Colmcille 1-9
ReplayKilloe Young Emmets 2-10Colmcille 1-7
Quarter FinalMostrim 2-10Killoe Young Emmets 0-11
1997First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 2-12Kenagh 1-9
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11Colmcille 0-9
Semi FinalLongford Slashers 0-11Killoe Young Emmets 0-9
1996First RoundFr. Manning Gaels 3-9Killoe Young Emmets 0-9
1995First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-9Longford Slashers 0-12
Replay (aet)Killoe Young Emmets 3-12Longford Slashers 0-18
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-12St. Mary's Granard 0-9
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-9Colmcille 1-6
ReplayKilloe Young Emmets 2-6Colmcille 2-5
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11Ardagh St. Patricks 1-5
Leinster 1st RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-9Ardee St Marys (Louth) 1-9
ReplayArdee St Marys (Louth) 0-9Killoe Young Emmets 0-8
1994Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-12Longford Slashers 1-12
ReplayLongford Slashers 2-12Killoe Young Emmets 1-8
1993First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-11Longford Slashers 2-8
ReplayKilloe Young Emmets 0-8Longford Slashers 0-5
Quarter Final Killoe Young Emmets 2-7Rathcline 2-4
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11Mostrim 1-7
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-9St. Marys Granard 0-7
Leinster 1st RoundÉire Óg (Carlow) 2-12Killoe Young Emmets 2-5
1992Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 3-11Kenagh 2-11
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-10Mostrim 1-7
ReplayMostrim 1-10Killoe Young Emmets 0-9
1991Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-10Seán Connollys 0-8
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11 Mostrim 0-11
ReplayMostrim 0-15Killoe Young Emmets 0-9
1990Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-8Carrickedmond / Forgney 0-8
Semi FinalLongford Slashers 1-12Killoe Young Emmets 2-4
1989Quarter FinalColmcille 0-9Killoe Young Emmets 1-5
1988Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-9Cashel 1-5
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-10Longford Slashers 1-9
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 3-7Mostrim 1-7
Leinster 1st RoundSt. Marys (Athlone) 0-11Killoe Young Emmets 0-7
1987Section B Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 1-10Kenagh 1-7
Section B Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-7St. Mary's Granard 1-6
Section B FinalKilloe Young Emmets 3-13Ballymahon 3-5
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-11Mostrim 1-6
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-10   Cashel 1-6
County FinalArdagh St. Patricks 2-6Killoe Young Emmets 1-8
1986First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 3-6  Cashel 2-9
ReplayCashel 4-12   Killoe Young Emmets 0-9
1985Quarter FinalFr. Manning Gaels 1-9       Killoe Young Emmets 0-10
1984Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-5Ardagh St. Patricks 0-8
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-8  Mostrim 2-5
Replay (aet)Mostrim 3-6     Killoe Young Emmets 2-8
1983Section B Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 3-8Dromard 2-11
Section B Semi ReplayKilloe Young Emmets 2-10 Dromard 1-6
Section B FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-7Carrickedmond 0-6
Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-9Clonguish 0-8
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-14Rathcline 0-8
County FinalCashel 1-9Killoe Young Emmets 1-8
1982Section B Round 1Killoe Young Emmets 0-16   Legan Sarsfields 2-7
Section B Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-6Fr. Manning Gaels 0-6
Section B FinalSt. Marys Granard 1-10Killoe Young Emmets 1-7
Quarter FinalArdagh St. Patricks 0-11Killoe Young Emmets 0-9
1981Section A Semi-FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-7    Forgney St. Munis 1-5
Section A FinalDromard 2-8Killoe Young Emmets 0-6
1980First RoundClonguish 1-6  Killoe Young Emmets 1-5
1979Second RoundKilloe Young Emmets 0-7 Fr. Manning Gaels 0-7
ReplayFr. Manning Gaels 1-11Killoe Young Emmets 2-4
1978Prelim RoundLongford Slashers 2-13Killoe Young Emmets 1-3
1977Killoe wins Intermediate Championship - Promoted to Senior.
1977Qualifier - FinalCarrickedmond / Kenagh 2-12Killoe Connollys 3-8
1976Qualifier - FinalCarrickedmond / Forgney 2-4Killoe Connollys 1-7
ReplayCarrickedmond / Forgney 1-9Killoe Connollys 1-7
1975Qualifier - FinalDromard / Fr. Manning Gaels 2-11Killoe / Abbeylara 1-5
1974Qualifier - FinalDromard / Colmcille 2-7Killoe Connollys 1-7
1973Qualifier - FinalKillashee / Shroid 1-11Killoe Connollys 0-4
1972Qualifier - FinalForgney / Legan 2-14Killoe Connollys 3-5
1972-1977Killoe competed in qualifiers for Senior Championship via Intermediate amalgamations.
1966-1977Killoe played in Intermediate grade during this period (IFC was revived from 1966)
1965First RoundClonguish 6-13      Killoe Young Emmets 0-5
1964First RoundLongford Slashers 3-3     Killoe Young Emmets 0-6
1963Quarter FinalClonguish 4-8    Killoe Young Emmets 0-2
1962Quarter FinalGranard 0-10    Killoe Young Emmets 0-4
1961Quarter FinalÉire Óg (Drumlish) 3-2  Killoe Young Emmets 1-4
1960Quarter FinalKilloe Young Emmets 5-13Rathcline 2-1
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-8Éire Óg (Drumlish) 0-8
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 2-10      Longford Slashers 1-6
1959First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 0-10Granard 1-2
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 3-6Éire Óg (Drumlish) 1-5
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-5Longford Slashers 1-5
ReplayLongford Slashers 3-5Killoe Young Emmets 1-5
1958First RoundLongford Slashers 0-8Killoe Young Emmets 1-4
1954-1957Killoe played at Junior grade winning the JFC in 1957 and gaining promotion to Senior.
1953First RoundYoung Irelands (Drumlish) w/oKilloe Young Emmets scr
1952First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 0-7Shannon Gaels 1-4
ReplayKilloe Young Emmets 2-9Shannon Gaels 0-5
Semi FinalColmcille 2-10Killoe Young Emmets 1-5
1948-1951Killoe played at Junior grade winning the JFC in 1951 and gaining promotion to Senior.
1947First RoundDromard w/oKilloe Young Emmets scr
1946First RoundMullinalaghta w/oKilloe Young Emmets scr
1945First RoundDromard winKilloe Young Emmets lose
1944First RoundKilloe Young Emmets winNewtowncashel lose
Semi FinalDrumlish 4-9Killoe Young Emmets 0-2
1935-1943Killoe played at Junior grade during this period.
1934Round 1St. Brigids Killashee 2-3Killoe Young Emmets 2-1
1933Semi FinalUnited Gaels 2-0Killoe Young Emmets 0-1
1932Played in Intermediate Championship in 1932. Competition was discontinued thereafter so played in Senior from 1933.
1921-1931Club lapsed 1921-1925, reformed in 1926 at Junior. Won JFC in 1931 and promoted to the new Intermediate Championship.
1920First RoundEdgeworthstown winKilloe Young Emmets lose
1919Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 6-4Mullinalaghta 0-0
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-1Clonbroney 1-1
ReplayClonbroney 1-3Killoe Young Emmets 0-3
1916 - 1918No Championship Played
1915First RoundKilloe Young Emmets winArdagh St. Patricks lose
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets winLongford lose
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 3-0Clonguish 0-3
1914No Championship Played
1913First RoundKilloe Young Emmets winEdgeworthstown lose
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets winArdagh St. Patricks lose
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-2Longford Commercials 0-1
1912No Championship Played
1911First RoundKilloe Young Emmets winColumbkille lose
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-1Drumlish 0-0
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-1Edgeworthstown Volunteers 0-0
1908 - 1910No Championship Played
1907Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets winClonguish Gallowglasses lose
County FinalKilloe Young Emmets 0-4Drumlish / Ballinamuck 98's 1-1
ReplayKilloe Young Emmets 1-8Drumlish / Ballinamuck 98's 0-1
1906No Championship Played
1905First RoundKilloe Young Emmets winDromard O'Briens lose 
Semi FinalEdgeworthstown Volunteers 0-5Killoe Young Emmets 0-2
1904First RoundKilloe Young Emmets 2-5Clonguish Gallowglasses 0-2
Second RoundKilloe Young Emmets 1-6Egeworthstown Volunteers 0-0
Semi FinalKilloe Young Emmets 1-4Drumlish Wolfe Tones 0-3
County FinalLongford Leo Caseys 2-7Killoe Young Emmets 0-1
1892-1903No Championship Played
1891First RoundKilloe McMahons w/oBallywillan Michael Davitts scr
First RoundKilloe Erins Pride w/oCranley Hearts of Erin scr
Second RoundColumbkille St. Columbkilles 0-4Killoe Erins Pride 0-0
Second RoundKilloe McMahons 1-1Clonbroney Esmondes 0-0
Championship not completed
1890Killoe McMahons club is formed.
1890First RoundKilloe Erins Pride 0-0 (Awarded)Dromard O'Briens 0-1
Second RoundColumbkille St. Columbkilles 0-6Killoe Erins Pride 0-1
1890Longford Senior Championship begins
18891st GAA club formed in Killoe
1888GAA established in Longford
1884Gaelic Athletic Association is founded


Some clubs cited above no longer exist or merged/united to form new clubs over the years, including...

  • Clonbroney won the 1919 Championship and the club was later renamed Seán Connollys.
  • Ardagh St. Patricks and Moydow Harpers united in 2019 to form the Ardagh Moydow club.
  • Longford Wanderers and Whiterock Slashers united in 1954 to form the Longford Slashers club.
  • Eire Óg (Drumlish) and Ballinamuck united in March 1969 to form the Fr. Manning Gaels club.
  • Shannon Gaels was a temporary amalgamation of Rathcline and Cashel clubs. 
  • United Gaels was a temporary amalgamation of Clonguish and Longford Wanderers clubs.
  • Edgeworthstown club (also Volunteers and Young Irelands) is no longer in existence.
  • Longford Commercials club is no longer in existence.
  • Longford Leo Caseys club is no longer in existence.
  • Ballywillan Michael Davitts club is no longer in existence.
  • Cranley Hearts of Erin club is no longer in existence.

Between 1972 and 1979 amalgamations made up of Intermediate Championship clubs competed for a place in the Senior Championship proper. This qualifier series consisted of Preliminary Round, First Round, Semi Final, Final and the winner progressing to Preliminary Round of Senior Championship (apart from 1976 and 1979 when they went into the First or Second Round). For 1972-1974 and 1976-1977 Killoe joined with Sean Connolly's as 'Killoe Connollys' in these qualifiers, and in 1975 joined with Abbeylara as 'Killoe-Abbeylara' in these qualifiers. In 1977 Killoe won the Intermediate Championship and was promoted to Senior grade.

Senior Championship Records researched and compiled by Colm, John & Paul Devaney