Player Welfare

The player is central to the GAA and all its activities. The skill and dedication of our players at all levels have captured the imagination of the public since the founding of the GAA and have been fundamental to the on-going success of the Association. The welfare of players is therefore of paramount importance to the GAA and its future success. During the development of the GAA’s Strategic Plan and Vision 2009-15, a key objective was the enhancement of the experience of all our players within the Association. Click on the various topics for more information:

The Association’s Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee is comprised of medical professionals, players and administrators, they work to ensure that player welfare matters are kept to the forefront of priorities within the GAA. The primary responsibility of the Medical, Scientific and Welfare committee is to advise the Association on medical and general welfare matters relevant to our games and to drive Association policy in these areas.

GAA Community & Health: Since its formation, the GAA has been about more than just providing a sporting and cultural outlet for our members. It has become part of the fabric of Irish life and we pride ourselves on the work carried out by our clubs, counties, and provinces on behalf of the health and well-being of our members and our communities. The GAA Community & Health Section was created to enhance and support this work. This section includes resources on Health & Well-being, Mental Health, Gambling, Drug/Alcohol Addiction and Community Development. Click on the link below for details.

Killoe GAA Code of Conduct: A new Code of Conduct leaflet was completed and circulated to club members and officials in August 2015 with specifics on codes of conduct to be followed by those involved with the club. Click on the link below for details.


Responding to Critical Incident: The official guide for all GAA units and members can be found at the link below.

Healthy Club Programme: Killoe GAA are please to be involved in the Healthy Club Project in 2018. Click below for details.

Source: Official GAA Website & Killoe GAA Executive.