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Our Club Crest

Killoe derives from the Irish Cill Eo meaning Church of the Yew Tree. The yew tree (Eo in Irish) in abstract form is central to the crest design, set in front of the cross, reflecting the church (Cill in Irish) and the spiritual heritage of the community. The name of the parish in Irish Cill Eo, is set above the Irish form of the county, An Longfort. The establishment of the GAA in Killoe can be traced back to 1889 (formation of the first club in the parish), and this historic note is captured in the design.

The official GAA insignia, which was introduced in 2009, is at the base of the design. The colours of white and green that dominate the crest are those worn by all Killoe teams. For branding purposes (jerseys, training gear, flags, letterhead etc.), the respective names of club sections in Irish or English such as ‘Emmet Óg’ or ‘Killoe Óg’ or ‘Ladies Club’ can be placed below the crest.

This modern Killoe GAA crest replaced the previous design from the early 1990's. The new design first appeared in June 2012 after being gifted to the club by the Devaney family. It first appeared on Killoe jerseys during the Senior Championship in August 2012 and today appears on all Killoe GAA and LGFA jerseys, flags and other club merchandise.

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