Minor Club Notes 30th January 2017

Our health and well being officer has arranged cardiac screening which is available to all our players. Heart Disease develops in silence over many years and is usually very advanced by the time people experience any symptoms. The AMS Cardiac Screening service allows for the detection of underlying conditions that may lead to or cause Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Having a cardiac screen can help identify many cardiac abnormalities and in turn save lives. AMS provide a comprehensive, Doctor-led Cardiac Screening service on-site in schools & clubs nationwide. The service will visit Killoe GAA on February 25th. This Cardiac Screening is mainly targeting people aged between 12 & 40 years. However a significant number of people over this age avail and benefit from the screening as well.

AMS has conducted over 100,000 screenings to date, including the following programmes: This best in class service is based on the recommendations of the European Society of Cardiology with all cardiac reports reviewed and assessed by our consultant cardiologist. In Italy Cardiac Screening is mandatory for people involved in sport. They have reduced the incidents of SADS by 89% over the past 20 years.The fee for the Cardiac Screening is heavily discounted to €65. People with LAYA health insurance are able to avail of the cardiac screening for FREE. People with other health insurance may be able to claim a % back at the end of the year. It is tax deductible.How to register for this service:

  • Go to
  • Click on Online booking
  • Enter clinic code: longford
  • Choose appointment

For more information please call 1890 300 333 or email We hope to see a big uptake on this service among our players.

The  next round  of the  U13  Lenister  league  football   is a home game against  Kilcock  on Saturday 4th February at 2.30 pm. St Mary’s Donore (Meath) conceded a walkover  to us in the  first  round.

The  club extends its sympathy to the Walsh, Masterson and O’Donnell families on their recent bereavements.