Give Respect, Get Respect

In the GAA world we are the biggest voluntary organisation that brings many people together at weekends, mid week or at functions organised to fund our clubs or county. That somebody or some one that helps out with the duties that help benefit a club or county are ordinary working people who give their time willingly because they are proud of who they are and their club and want others to enjoy the benefits of a committed community spirit in representing club & county.

We as adults on our club committees set the stepping stone for our youth from a very early age and at all times should lead by good example despite being tested many times with behavioural issues. This is why the GAA has a policy on the code of behaviour of which each parent/guardian must sign while registering their child/children to play with their club. The code of behaviour addresses the minimum levels of behaviour, practice and conduct required from our young players, coaches, officials, managers, supporters, parents/guardians and clubs

This is to protect all persons from any misdemeanour while officiating with the GAA.

Each club also has the GAA anti-bullying policy statement which is defined as repeated aggression, be it verbal, psychological. Anti racial or physical abuse conducted by an individual or group against others. The GIVE RESPECT GET RESPECT campaign is aimed at players, coaches, parents, supporters and referees. These initiatives are to ensure that the Gaelic games are promoted and played in a positive fair and enjoyable manner.

At the end of the day it all boils down to basic good manners for which we are all responsible. and in passing on to your younger generation. We are set out guidelines to assist in the best possible way of running our clubs /county by means of mandatary E-vetting of all coaches and committee members and  completion of the code of ethics which is also mandatory for anyone involved with underage or involved with their club/county. No person should be involved while dealing with underage if both E-VETTING AND CODE OF ETHICS are not completed. You and your club are breaking the law which is a criminal offence. This is all for the protection of our underage.

In completing the code of ethics all aspects of the code of behaviour are explained in detail for…

  1. Young players,
  2. Coaches, mentors, trainers
  3. Parents/guardians
  4. Supporters
  5. Referees
  6. Give respect Get respect
  7. The club
  8. Dealing with alleged breaches of the of the code of best practice in youth sport
  9. GAA Anti-bullying statement
  10. Juvenile membership application forms
  11. Code-declaration/signatory

Many coaches complete coaching courses to enable them give the best coaching skills. Parents/Guardians please take the time to explain these  few guidelines to your children as it will benefit your child /children your club and the people assisting in officiating the running of your club/county. There will be zero tolerance for any  bad behaviour; bad language ,bullying or any unacceptable behaviours at trainings or matches from children, coaches, supporters or any person on GAA grounds.

Remember you are representing your club with honour and pride and if  a child/person doesn’t abide by the guidelines they are letting down themselves and their club and the people left to deal with such matters are volunteers who’s time is equally as precious as any other persons. We all want the best for our youth in their involvement with the GAA and as endless hour’s of work are given by voluntary people for the maintenance of club and county to make our community’s a better place for all wishing to make use of the park facilities.

It is here the skills of football/hurling/rounders while are passed on to our children through Cul Camps and coaches and  the skills of life in dealing with others and situations.The difference in winning and losing and reasons why this came about. Any parent/guardian reading this please help your child understand the need for basic rules and regulations and the need for them to be abided by in order to successfully  maintain proper structure in your club. We need the support of all parents/guardians to improve and maintain the discipline required for effective management of our underage while being involved with club and your children understand what is acceptable or not acceptable by your club. Teach them the value of being involved, commitment, fair play and understanding of what a club provides to its community – the honour and pride of their club and wearing that jersey with honour and pride

To everyone out there involved in the GAA through club or county I wish you all fun filled and happy times with the minimum of troubles. Remember it is the biggest organisation that brings families (let it be cousins aunts and uncles neighbours and friend) and parishes together.

Marie Ni Raghallaigh Cianain
Children’s Officer – Longford county board